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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prontopia Local service?

Prontopia helps you get around the city easily by connecting you with an on-demand Local.

Can I pre-book?

The Prontopia App conveniently provides the option to either pre-schedule your connection with a Local, or to request on-demand help. We do our best to ensure Locals are available as needed. We encourage you to send us details of when and where you would like to use Prontopia to so we can better serve you. To pre-schedule, from the app homescreen, select the “Schedule” button on the lower right-hand corner.

If I do not know my destination, what should I enter when requesting a Local in the app?

If you do not know where you want to go, don’t have a final destination, or are having trouble identifying/entering it into the app – don’t worry! Just leave the destination field empty and the Local will confirm everything when they arrive to meet you.

How do you ensure the Locals on your platform are reliable and the service is safe?

We conduct an in-depth vetting process. To register on the Prontopia platform, Locals must complete a multi-stage selection process and pass an official background check, ensuring that the Locals are people who know the city well and have demonstrated they are helpful and trustworthy.

Who pays for the Local’s transportation if needed for the route?

The traveler who requested the service pays. Prontopia Locals will accompany you when needed on transportation transfers via the vaporetto, a bus, a car transfer, or the Alilaguna shuttle to the airport. The traveler is required to pay for the Local’s out-of-pocket transportation costs during the connection.

What if a Local is not available?

Please try your request again. We do our best to ensure a Local will be available, however, we cannot guarantee it. Prontopia Locals are in high demand according to travelers’ needs, and availability changes from minute to minute. If you have an important need for a Local, we recommend you pre-book by clicking the “Schedule” button at the bottom right corner of the app home screen.

Can I call the Local to check on their arrival status?

Yes. You can call or text the Local at the phone number provided within the app any time until the connection has ended.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my connection request and cannot reach a Local?

Please email us any time at or call 888-600-7565 (global) +39 02 36311745 (within Italy).

What is the cost and how do I pay?

The current cost of the Prontopia Local service is 0.33 euro/minute* with a minimum fare of 5.00 euro plus a 1.95 booking fee. All payments are processed securely by Stripe using the credit card you provided when you registered for your Prontopia account.

*Pricing current as of this date. Please refer to the pricing tab in the Prontopia app for current costs.

Should I tip the Local?

Tipping is recommended according to your appreciation of the service provided. You may tip the Local directly in euros, or within the app using your credit card.

What is your protocol if a traveler feels unsafe during a Prontopia connection?

The safety and satisfaction of our clients and the Locals are the primary concerns of our company. If at any time during your Prontopia connection you may feel unsafe, inform the Local immediately. You may cancel or ask the Local to end the connection at any time. Please report such an incident to us immediately using our Customer Support contacts: or call 888-600-7565 (global) +39 02 36311745 (within Italy).

Do you offer guided tours?

The Prontopia Locals service is not a guided tour*. If clients request a guided tour, the Locals are advised to recommend that they book a professional licensed tour guide. If you are looking for a professional licensed tour guide in Venice, please write to us at and we will send you a list of our recommended local tour guides.

* A guided tour is legally defined as a tour of specific museums, monuments and designated public cultural or historical sites. This type of tour is only permitted in Italy by official licensed tour guides. For additional information, please see our tips for how to travel responsibly.

Do you offer tourist accompaniment?

The Prontopia Local service is not a tourist accompaniment service. Prontopia provides help getting where you need to go or finding something in the city. If you need a tour leader to organize a meet-and-greet and book your transportation transfers, please write to us at and we will send you a list of our recommended tourist accompaniers in Venice.

How are you different from a concierge?

Prontopia does not make any bookings for our customers. The Locals are always happy to provide tips about how you can book museum tickets, events, transportation, or dining.